Greateer Talladega Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce


Chamber buildingOld Station Takes On New Life
June 4, 1976
The Birmingham News
by June Winters

The Talladega Chamber of Commerce has come into a windfall for a location. The old L and N Railroad depot has been converted into offices and reception rooms, but the atmosphere of the excitement of the traveler in and out of the depot has been cleverly preserved by the enthusiastic group, whose idea it was to preserve the building. The Talladega Beautification Council members are largely responsible for the idea. But having an enthusiastic Chamber of Commerce executive director like Mike Mitchell, the program became a success.

Once you step into the old building, you can almost sense the hustle and bustle of the train passengers. The old ticket window remains unchanged with the massive brass bars above a gleaming white marble counter. You can almost “see” the ticket agent behind the impressive brass and marble, adding the price of a ticket to some far-away exciting place. And then if you will let your imagination wander as you look around you, you see three waiting rooms, one which was for un-escorted women.

This room was called the “Blue Room,” and any woman traveling alone was ushered into this room where she could wait for her train without the “hazard” of being approached or even viewed by the male travelers. The “Blue Room” is small but comfortable and gets it name for the ostentatious marble tile that covers the floor.